Why Choose Us?

The decision of choosing a Realtor, is of paramount importance. It is a decision not to be taken lightly. So, we suggest you do your home work and weigh your options. No two Realtors are the same. Just like with any profession, you need to find people that you are comfortable around and you feel you can trust. After all, the Realtor will be handling the largest financial transaction of your life.

Should you go with a single agent, a large team comprising of 8-15 people or a modest team consisting mainly of two people with other professionals brought in as the need arises.

What you should consider:


Leila’s Experience:

Top 5 Bank—Manager of Personal Banking

Yellow Pages—Marketing Professional

Seneca College—Instructor, Ophthalmic Dispensing

Editor—Eyecare Review Journal

Dino’s Experience:

Data First Canada—Owner/Manager: Computer Hardware/Software

Road to Home Inspection— Owner--Certified Home Inspector

Road to Home Renovation—Owner--Licensed General Contractor


Leila’s Education:

Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) - Real Estate Course and Continuing Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Economics (Hon) University of Toronto

Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers (AICB)

Seneca College—Ophthalmic Dispensing

Dino’s Education

Seneca College—Home Inspection

The Right Choice for So Many Reasons:

  • In a large team situation, you may be passed around from person to person.  Large teams rely on doing volume rather than concentrating on individual deals.  We operate differently in that as a duo, we concentrate on forging life-long relationships built on trust.  Our aim is to be your ‘go-to’ Realtor team for generational business
  • We genuinely care about your needs and we are here to listen.  We will walk you through the entire home buying and home selling process paying special attention to the small details. You are the focus of our time and attention
  • We offer ‘Concierge’ Service.  We believe in going above and beyond and exceeding your expectations.  From our initial meeting to establishing a time-line, we ensure you are informed every step of the way.  Our steps include the following:
  1. Consultation for renovation work followed by renovation and/or minor repair work
  2. Preparing the house for sale by de-cluttering and organizing
  3. Consultation for staging followed by furniture set up
  4. Set up for videography and photography
  5. Marketing, marketing and marketing
  6. Book showings and negotiations
  • Raising the Bar.  We believe in providing you with quality service and products.  We stand out from the crowd because we demand the best so we can deliver the best; whether its our flyers, feature sheets or photography; our products and service is top notch…and we are proud of it. 
  • Around the Clock.  We know that business hours in our industry, extend beyond 9-5.  It is for this reason, when you call, you will get us and not a secretary or an administrator.
  • We are passionate about Real Estate.  We love what we do…and we do things differently…We are expert negotiators, advisors and great listeners.  We are here to take the stress out of moving for you.  
  • Honesty is our policy.  Our pledge to you is to always be open and honest, even when you don’t like what we have to say.  We just wouldn’t have it any other way
  • Proven track record.  We are the recipients of the coveted ‘Centurion’ award for 2016 and our statistics indicated we perform well above average sales over the vast majority of Toronto Realtors 
  • Doing Good for the Public.  We believe in giving back to society.  We will regularly donate to charities and help those in need. We will volunteer at the food bank to help others which we believe is our moral obligation.